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Jade J. Mahon
Health & Life Coach

My coaching is focused on cultivating self-awareness, building self-confidence, and fostering resilience so that my clients can navigate life's transitions gracefully and thrive in all areas of their lives. I serve professional women over 40, those who do everything for everyone - those who risk losing themselves in the process. I aim to inspire and motivate these women to develop healthy habits and nourish their bodies with wholesome food while cultivating a positive mindset that promotes self-care and self-love, so they may continue thriving at home and in the office.

I am a transformational Health and Life Coach. Here is my journey to this point. Over several years, I found myself facing a difficult situation. As a female vice president of a growing construction company and a mother of active twin boys turning into young men, I felt burned out, stressed, and constantly tired. I was always on the go. I wasn’t eating properly. I suffered anxiety and the pressure of expectations of helping to support everyone’s ambitions, as well as spending much-needed quality time with my beautiful husband, Brad and my children. I felt guilty if I ever took some time for my own self-care to recharge, and that blame intensified even more – into constantly feeling off balance, stressed and run down, and sometimes, downright listless. I attempted various adjustments to my routine and exercise to help make some lasting changes, yet admittedly, I wasn't consistent with those things. Why? I didn’t know how to prioritize what I wanted - that which was best for me. I felt discouraged because I told myself I was supposed to know better. Yet, we can all admit here, that knowing better doesn't always mean we implement or act on what we should “because we know better." I knew I needed support, a system and accountability to make things stick.

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For context, in my mid-twenties, as a defining moment, I began an expedition of personal development while exiting a toxic marriage. I invested in my health and wellness by learning to become a coach for myself. I started a journey to discover what living "on purpose" meant. I acquired skills and tools I learned initially during a Tony Robbins event while in that first marriage, and how they can help people overcome fears, self-doubts and self-limiting beliefs (you know, those stories we tell ourselves in our head?). I also became a fitness and nutrition coach and took additional courses in natural health applications because alternative healing methods constantly fascinated me – the body’s ability to adapt, heal, and rejuvenate is amazing and offers us messages when we listen to it (often those messages come in the form of a headache, aching lower back, weight gain or digestive issues again, the things we think are “normal” but could be a form of communication from within). I recently heard someone say “don’t outsource your health” and that resonated with me as a reminder to listen to that inner wisdom.

After that exciting time of education, personal growth, and entrepreneurship, I became pregnant with my twin boys. I panicked – all I kept thinking and saying to myself, "I can’t be a health coach, out on my own without a steady pay cheque, and raise two babies at once!” I felt a deep fear of switching gears immediately and thought real estate or a corporate career would give me the security I was looking for. I needed to raise my kids and acquire greater financial stability in a home that showed signs of a rocky second marriage.

Fast forward six years, by the time I hit my mid-thirties, with two little boys and another failed marriage, I felt I couldn’t get my head above water. I was in survival mode, identifying as a single mother, week-on-week-off, working outrageously long and grueling hours when I was without my boys. I held corporate jobs in finance, investment, and securities and became a real estate agent, too; I did whatever it took to ensure plenty was on my kids' table. I acquired that philosophy from my mom.

We all learn from our parents. My single mother taught me to work hard but not rely on anyone else – said with resentment towards my dad, who left us after I turned nine. Amazingly, I grew up believing that hard work always paid off and that I could do and be anything. I became resourceful relatively young, and I won’t bore you with those details, but you could say I practically raised myself as my mom relied on drowning her sorrows in a 40oz bottle every other day. Everything happens as it should; I have learned to trust the process. It all seems like a lifetime ago, and the lessons learned along the way have been invaluable. Thank you, Mom.

Today, I have over two decades of experience in real estate and land development, with 15 of those years as a female executive in a corporate career for a growing construction company. In that career, this small-town girl found herself helping cultivate the culture of family closeness and camaraderie, something I hadn’t known growing up. The culture matched the President’s down-to-earth jovial persona – always positive while demonstrating understanding and genuine humility. I was proud to stand and support the company’s growth. I was fully engaged and committed. It was the best job; with wonderful people I consider a part of my family to this day while helping the company achieve exponential growth over those years. Yet, through the success, I didn't realize I was losing myself. My health was the first to show me, just as most women find out this way. Considering my previous health education, I was so angry with myself because I felt I should have known better. I was full of self-blame and disappointment.

My breakthrough came during the first year of the pandemic. That’s when I took a leap of faith and hired my first coach. I was immersed in upskilling online in organizational change management and dived deep into my own personal development once again, especially since Tony Robbins had gone virtual! So, I hired a Results Coach through Robbins Research to help me make things stick! She helped me gain clarity in my life and gave me the support and accountability needed to push through my barriers and, ultimately, save my health. This led me through a healing journey while becoming dual-certified as a life and health coach. A journey that first began in 1995 had come full circle.

I [re]learned and developed transformative lifestyle habits, shifted my mindset, and began transforming my life, step by step, healing myself from the inside out with the help of a second coach, one who focused on health. Being on this path again – reunited with my life’s passion, I was truly on fire. I also found a ripple effect happening during my health transformation. From my closest friends and family to my co-workers, my life and the lives of those who surrounded me changed exponentially. I was learning when we heal ourselves, we heal those around us. I discovered my deep passion for helping other women on their health and healing journeys.

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As life happens for us, Brad, my true-life partner for almost 20 years now, had an amazing career opportunity in another province, and so it was time to pass over the torch of my corporate career. I had stepped into my life’s purpose again, I healed my health, and now I’m living "on purpose." As my husband calls it “living on 10” – living life to its fullest, giving each day a 10 out of 10, and continually investing in myself and my clients.

We all deserve to be who and what we are born to be. My goal is to create a safe and supportive space where women can transform their health and lives and become their best selves, living a life that brings them joy and fulfillment.


With love and care,


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