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Being a certified Health & Life Coach, I help professional women over 40 transform the trajectory of their health and major life areas, in small manageable steps, through my 30-day Clarity Gains coaching series, or one of my 90-day transformational coaching series: “Release the Belly”, “Break-free and Be”, or “Purposeful Living” programs.

Women are the nucleus of our families, and our communities, and I empathize with their struggles of doing everything for everyone in their life.  All we want is to get unburied from the pain we feel of “doing it alone” and leave behind this victim mentality. Well, this is where I can help guide your transformation!

By teaching individuals and groups to develop a healthier lifestyle and mindset, I help them recognize and acknowledge past obstacles and barriers that have been holding them back so they can live a more joyful and meaningful life.

Through prioritizing yourself, guilt-free, you can take a healthier approach to serving your family, business, and community, in a lasting, impactful way.

Becoming a certified Clarity Catalyst coach in 2023, I get to work with groups of adults, kids & teens, as well as businesses, to develop more creativity, mindfulness, and emotional intelligence. 

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