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Why Would I Want a Health Coach?

Many people feel they can take on their wellness objectives on their own. This often proves to be challenging because it lacks the accountability factor.

It doesn't matter when we start
All that matters is that we start the journey!

Remember, there is absolutely no shame in seeking out a health coach—many of the best athletes in the world have coaches! 

People often seek out a health coach because they want to achieve: 

  • Long-lasting healthy habits

  • Weight loss or gain

  • Stress management 

  • The ability to make empowered dietary choices

  • Management of a specific health condition

  • A release of unhealthy habits (such as smoking, excessive drinking or binge eating)

Health coaches play key roles in helping people achieve their health goals, however, it is important to understand the boundaries of their expertise. Health coaches cannot take the place of your doctor or psychologist and are not trained to help you diagnose and treat a disease. Health coaches are also not able to prescribe medications. 

If you are noticing your commitment to your health [or life] goals waning by the end of of the first quarter of the year, after setting New Year's resolutions at the end of last calendar year, don't wait the rest of the year to start this process over.

Get a coach now to help with accountability and give you support to succeed - that's what we are trained to do!

And remember Henry Ford's quote as my parting words here:

Whether you think you can, or you think your can't... You're right!


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